Different Types of Shackles

Jun 02,2022
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There are many different types of shackles

Shackle Bow Types: Anchor ShacklesBow shackles vs. Chain Shackles (D Shackles)

Shackle Pin Types: Screw Pin vs. Bolt Type vs. Round Pin

Screw pin shackles can be used in applications where side loading is present, and with multi-leg sling assemblies. However, reduction to the WLL must be accounted for 

when used in a  side-loading situation.

A bolt type shackle is a more secure version used in rigging that features the combination of a bolt and nut located alongside a cotter pin. Bolt type shackles can be used in 

any application that uses a round pin or a screw pin. These types of shackles remain secure even when the shackle is subjected to rotation or torque.

Round pin shackles consist of a round unthreaded pin that is secured in place with a cotter pin. These perform well in applications where the pin may be subjected to torque or twisting.

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